Hey there, from Chicago

Boots in Snow

I feel like I should be bracing myself for winter: That’s what everyone else told me to do. Brace myself for the times I won’t be able to leave the apartment and for the times I’ll be so miserable, I’ll wish I hadn’t moved here. Better yet! Brace myself for the months everyone gets fat under their floppy winter clothes. I wonder when these things will happen, because things here so far have been… good.

I know, I know. I hesitate using that word: good. Good is reserved for something you don’t like, but are being polite about. Good is often meaningless, said when you’d rather get through the conversation than truly be heard.

And despite that, good is how Chicago has been. Happy? I’m not bursting. Terrible? Certainly not. Not sad and not joyous, although I’ve felt all of these descriptors at one point or another. Moving has been… good.

And rather than provide a catch-up essay on the details (though highlights include Michael and I moved in together!; We live in the suburbs :/; Finding girlfriends is like dating! and I’ve got some pretty sweet resolutions for 2015), here’s the visual version…


DSC_0342The day after we made the move to Chicago, we celebrated by taking a trip to Panama, the b-school equivalent of orientation.

DSC_0391Getting some rays in before heading back to Chicago’s fall weather.

IMG_0166Life here has involved a lot of what feels like going back to college. Which makes sense since, you know, Michael is going back to college. I’ve been skeptical of some parts, like this rave…

IMG_0164…Though Michael seemed to enjoy himself. ;)

DSC_0093Most fun for me has been unpacking the apartment and slowly putting it all together. Merging styles was shockingly easy… Michael even conceived of the candles in the fireplace.


DSC_0066The nice thing about school is the access to groups. Groups who play soccer and groups who like wine tastings. Getting people together is so easy. 

DSC_0130In October we took our first real vacation since moving, and headed to NOLA for a friend’s wedding.

IMG_0271Bloody mary’s (ies?) at brunch! My favorite.

IMG_0210I actually spent the first six weeks of the move working in Texas, living from Sunday – Thursday with my parents. It was a nice way to ease into the move, but had the strange effect of making me feel like I was simply vacationing in Chicago every weekend. This in Houston on a warm October night.

DSC_0242Flying back to my new home.

IMG_0299First snow day! In preparation for the cold, I bought a Canada Goose to get me through the winter. It’s an extreme jacket, but it’s been worth it.

IMG_0340In November, work took me to Kalamazoo, Michigan. An unexpected snow storm on the first day meant trudging to the car in patent leather pumps. Other than the feet of snow we got, Michigan was not half bad! If you’re ever in Kalamazoo, make sure to hit up Bell’s Brewery.

IMG_0341The line-up at Bell’s.

IMG_0356Driving home on Lake Shore – Chicago skyline a welcome site.

DSC_0014There’s been lots of cooking over the past few months. This was a particularly successful tomato galette. It’s like a fancier pizza!

DSC_0145Michael and I painted our hallway in chalkboard.

IMG_0011Happy to be back in Texas, celebrating the season with these fine people.

IMG_0032On the way home, took a detour to Colorado.

IMG_0307Chicago river – on my commute to work.

IMG_0434Hey, Bean. Heyyyy Chicago.


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