Photo Review – 2.8.2015

Evanston Beach

Hey there, from the other side of Chicago’s 5th largest blizzard. A week ago today, on Super Bowl Sunday, we got a hefty 19 inches of snowfall, and somehow… magically… that snow didn’t dominate my week. Maybe it was the friends who still swarmed our apartment Sunday evening, ready for football and beer. Or the new work project that meant I had to get through the heaps of snow, no matter that everything else was shut down. Or most likely, it was our beautiful 39-and-sunny end to the week that got Michael and I out of the house yesterday. Either way, my week was (you know it) goodIn photos…


For the first time in a very long time, I read a real newspaper. I wanted it to feel relaxing and luxurious; instead, my attention span couldn’t make it past the jump.


Using a sparkler from my Christmas stocking. Why not?


Fresh snow Monday morning

shoveling snow

Michael did me a real solid, and dug my car out. I wish I had a a “before” picture to show you that my car was buried about four feet deep.

winter wonderland from the office

View of the winter wonderland from the safety of my office


Each night this week, as I left the office, I’d see my coworkers, cars running and defrosters on, scraping the ice off our windshields. What a process! I’ll be happy when we’re through this period.

grass peeking through

By Saturday, the grass had started peeking through the melted snow.


Brunching with my handsome boyfriend

Evanston beach 2

A sunny Saturday meant a walk to the beach.

snow sand

I love the different textures of sand. This sand was mixed with snow and ice, and was so satisfyingly crunchy.

michael and ice

Ice on the shoreline, like the inside of a cave.

Evanston beach 3

Snowy beach

work party 1

My company had our holiday party in February, the rationale being that a holiday party in February gives you something to look forward to in the darkest part of the year. It worked! Michael and I had a blast, and enjoyed this awesome photo booth alternative.

Michael and Abby

More photo booth fun

winter light

Winter, light

Have a great week!


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