Personal Finance

Investing 101: Buy Low, Sell HighLet’s stop stressing out about money.

Making this happen is, in fact, my goal. I want us all to stop with the anxiety that we’re handling our finances wrong. I want us to have the assurance we’re making thoughtful, conscious decisions about where our dollars go. And most of all, I want us to stop ignoring the issue: Ignorance is not bliss.

If you’re anxious about money, or if you simply don’t think about your money, you’re not alone: Most of us are in your camp. So many of us are caught somewhere between associating money with bad words like materialistic on the one hand, and being entirely intimidated by it on the other.

And it’s not all our fault. It doesn’t help that personal finance is not taught in the classroom. It doesn’t help that credit card companies and the barrage of ads we ingest are trying their hardest to encourage us to spend (preferably beyond our means!).

But we’re not pawns, either. We’re too smart to ignore our finances and hope for the best (fingers crossed!). Because the way money works and the strategies we can use to plan for it, use it and save it are some of the most important we can employ. So instead of ignoring it, let’s figure it out. Okay?

I promise you can control your finances. I promise you can understand the concepts behind investing, and I promise that you can apply those concepts to your daily life. The articles below range from a collection of how-to’s (“How to Allocate Savings”) to details of my own financial journey (“Reflections on Budgeting: What I learned to live without”). I hope you find them helpful.

If you have any comments on content or would like to see a specific topic covered, please email me. Otherwise, in the words of Marcel the Shell, read on.

Cheap Versus Frugal Living  Investing 101  When Life Happens Reassessing Your Budget  Where to stash your cash long term edition

Where to stash your cash short term edition  How to Allocate Savings Thumbnail  Budgeting for the New Year  Reflections on budgeting

Don't Be Stupid Save Smart Square  holiday budgeting  Budgeting 101 Reassess  How to Spend Small

February the good the bad and the panicky  Dollar Dilemma Alcohol and going out  Wine and popcorn get the ax  The power of the budget


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