Leaving for Chi-Town and other updates

Hey! I know it’s been a minute. How are you? Here’s what I’ve been up to, and why you haven’t been hearing from me:

Blue Eyes Messy Hair will be relaunching soon. I’ve got myself a new design and even a new URL (to be announced), but there’s a lot of work to be done around transferring the old content from this website to the new one. So far, it sounds like this has to be done manually, which means… I need a nice chunk of time to get it done. But this is exciting! More details to come, but until that launch, expect content on here to be a little haphazard. :/

The Chicago move is just days away. We are really getting ready. In fact, Michael is officially moved out of his place, and last week we signed a lease on an apartment. Then yesterday we had a going-away party, which was just oodles of fun. Michael will be moving our stuff up (thank you, best boyfriend) in mid-August while I stick around Houston to keep working. Then we’ll meet up in Austin for a good friend’s wedding, blow it out that night, and fly to Chicago the next day. Peace out, Houston!…ish. I just found out I’ll then be working here until early October. Ah, the consulting life.

We got robbed. Actually, home invaded – the difference being that a “home invasion” happens when the robber enters your house while your’e in there. In our case, this meant while we were sleeping on a Wednesday night. Long story short, WE’RE OKAY and that’s what matters. And he took a lot of gadgets, which can all be replaced. Weirdest of these is that some of these gadgets (cell phones, iPad, etc.) were sitting right next to us while we slept. Yes, it was crazy. Yes, I’ve been able to sleep through the night since. At this point (a week and a half out) it mostly feels like a dream.

I’ve been launching myself into extra-curriculars, and it’s been stressing me out. I generally like stacking my plate a little too high, but lately it’s been too much. It started when I committed to a new workout schedule, which has been incredible. It ramped up when I signed up for a certification test for work, thinking I could just knock it out after a few week’s of study. (Wrong.) It escalated from there with a short but intense writing class (that I highly recommend!), which ended just as a photography class got going. Yikes! I’m actually a little mad at myself for committing to so much in such a short time, while I’m supposed to be moving and also, you know, doing a good job at work. I’m honestly ready for everything to be over. Get me to Chicago, let things calm down.

I hope you have a great rest of the summer! I’ll write again when things are a little calmer and hopefully will do so on the new site!!


Photo Review: 7.18.2014

I feel like something is off when I haven’t combed through my photos in a few weeks. When I haven’t retouched and organized, sorted and deleted. There’s something really methodical and satisfying about going through this process, keeping this neat record of events, no matter how small or significant.

The record, over the last few weeks… Continue reading

Photo Review: 5.4.2014

Hey, Spring. You and I are usually on good terms. I always thought we had a good thing going: You give me warm air and long evenings, and I… well, now that I come to think about it, this may have been a pretty one-sided relationship. But c’mon, no need to ramp up the allergies. Please? Pretty please?
Okay. Now that’s settled, here are the past few weeks, in photos…

Chicago’s answer to the Texas bluebonnet

A visit to Evanston, IL: The upper 50s temperatures had me breaking out my leather jacket, but the Northwestern undergrads were using the occasion to break out their shorts and tank tops. Isn’t relativity amazing?

Banana maple pancakes. Woof.

newspaper flowers

“Spicy Zzolmen” at Oiistar – very much like bibimbap

The most amazing dish: portobello mushroom pan fried in reduced soy sauce – definitely on my list of dishes to recreate. Mmm!

my cute boyfriend

easy, pleasing place setting

evening jog through the hood

spring plantlings

In an effort to use the ingredients in my fridge before I grocery shop, I whipped up a soba noodle dish with seaweed, cashews, Korean spices and fried egg. It was delish!

Daddy bought me champagne flutes!

pancakes this morning

Perry was tickled that I approved so heartily of this tattoo he got on his 70th birthday.

wedding, string lights

Have a great week!

A Clean Slate

I so often feel that to start something – usually a new habit or routine – I have to have a totally clean slate: a fresh start. And this makes sense. It’s really fun, for example, to start the new year with a few resolutions. The clean slate that the new year brings – out with 2013 and in with 2014! – brings a feeling of possibility.
But life is messy, and I mess up. I falter and I don’t follow through with intentions, and then instead of picking myself right back up and doing the Good Thing, I wait because I feel like I have to have my Clean Slate, whether that’s a new day, a new week (most often), a new month or year.

But while the idea of a Clean Slate is lovely and often empowering, it is also enabling: If my Clean Slate doesn’t start until next week, then this week I’m free to make as many poor decisions as I’d like.
So I want to be done with the Clean Slate. I want to make good decisions all the time, and if I can’t do that, then I want to forgive myself and make them next time. Not tomorrow, not next week, but next time. I want to strengthen my Good Thing muscles so I can keep making the good decisions without thinking.

…And want to know something cool? 
I started the practice of dropping the Clean Slate with this very blog entry, which is defying the odds of being written, as I had earlier today thought to myself writing this week was a lost cause: I hadn’t planned anything out, so the plan was to start fresh on Sunday. 
It’s not perfect, but it was the right decision: I’m flexing my Good Thing muscles!

Photo Review: 4.20.2014

Happy Easter! I hope you had a good one, full of dyed eggs and rabbits and brunch. I hope there was brunch!
The last few weeks, in photos…

my morning, as per usual


I drove to Austin last weekend to pick Michael up from the MS150. Sans a brunch buddy but in need of fuel for the drive, I dined solo at Revival Market.

They accidentally gave me two espressos… I didn’t mind.

I made my favorite carrot soup! Really good chilled, too.

crawfish boil

sneak attack

pure joy

fish tacos to go (…and if you’re wondering, no, that wheat grass did not work out)

Saturday bike ride

flea market by night

More bike riding! Pretty streets.

Easter bloody

morning crumble prep

It’s strawberry season in Texas. Fresh from the farmer’s market!

wax, neon, protein

As a wrap-up to Easter weekend festivities, my family went to see my brother’s band, Black James Franco. They were great! Such a fun way to end the weekend.

Ira Glass just may be my idol

THE GAP by Ira Glass from frohlocke on Vimeo.

Ira Glass just really picked me up. (Isn’t he the best?)  Because while I’m trying not to be embarrassed about what I’m about to admit, I am.

…Okay fine, I’ll just say it… Sometimes I get really anxious that I’ll never achieve anything creatively worthwhile. 


It’s embarrassing to admit this because 1) it acknowledges the total lack of effort and quality of product I’ve put forth thus far and 2) this sentiment puts creativity on a pedestal, somewhere I actually don’t necessarily think it should be.

Creativity is great and all, but I know plenty of people who thrive when the world is at its most orderly and scientific, and I respect that completely. But lately (as I’ll write about at length later) I’ve had an insatiable urge to write, and I’ve realized that when I’m doing this – writing, working with images, even coding – I’m totally in my flow. And there’s something to that – gaining this satisfaction that can be gotten from nowhere else.

So anyway. When I watched this video, Ira Glass just picked me up. He’s been bad at his craft, too. He’s been in that state in which his work just didn’t live up to his product, and that’s reassuring to hear. It takes time. It takes practice. It takes just doing it.

Here’s to practice.

Photo Review: 4.6.2014

Who’s excited for Game of Thrones tonight?! I don’t know about you, but I’m all team Khaleesi. In celebration of the premier of Season 4, Michael said we are going to cook traditional Eastros food… I think that really just means a nice bottle of wine. :)
The last few weeks, in photos…

I did my first pedal party with a group of coworkers. For $45 a person, we pedaled our way through three hours’ worth of bars around Midtown Houston. It was SUPER fun, and my favorite stop was Mongoose versus Cobra, a German-style bar with these amazing pretzels.
Even though it’s still rainy and a little chilly here, the wildflowers have really sprung. It’s illegal to pick them, but I bought this bunch at last weekend’s farmer’s market trip. 

I bought a bike! Last year, Michael got a ton of use out of his bike, and it made me really sad that I was never able to join him. I vowed that this year I’d buy one, so I made true on that promise last weekend. I’ve already gone on a few rides and, besides the soreness on my bum, it’s been great.

breaking in my bike at the Bayou City Art Fest 

my beauty, next to Michael’s

One of my best friends moved across the country on Wednesday. Just before that we celebrated his 27th together… Ray, you will be missed!


Bluebonnet season never ceases to amaze me.

Do you see it? The perfect spiderweb? It was so complete and impressive I couldn’t take it down… though that will probably change soon.

Michael and I made sushi! Super easy… all about buying quality fish.

Enjoy GoT tonight, and have a great week!

Photo Review: 3.9.2014

I feel like I start every one of these posts out with a comment on the weather, or the season. This time I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves. The last three weeks, in photos…


I think it’s time to admit… I’m not a concert person.

Celebratory glass of wine for finishing a year-long project an hour or so early. Well deserved.

fire pit

photo booth

best breakfast: blackberries, goat cheese, fried duck egg on arugula and toast

“green” smoothie


I got my bird back!

thick drops

morning sunlight

afternoon jog

new mug, breakfast-time

Have a great week!

Before I die…

Michael and I were walking around my neighborhood last weekend when we saw this wall. Reading people’s responses was so fascinating, we were inspired to add to it…

write on a chalk wall (check)

just be epic

meet my birth mom

start a family (with you)